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sydney and shea hinckley, founder of upwords apparel and accessories

hey, friend!

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We're so glad you're here. We're Sydney + Shea, founders of UPwords, and we're here to style your life with a message that'll make you smile.


we're so happy you're here!

sydney hinckley, cofounder of upwords

sydney hinckley

founder + bracelet girl + foodie + dog lover

shea hinckley, cofounder of upwords

shea hinckley

founder + necklace girl + big fan of boba tea

shea hinckley and sydey hinckley, cofounders of upwords

what's UP?

a word on UPwords

sydney and shea hinckley, cofounders of upwords

UPwords was founded on the belief that focusing on positive affirmations can improve one's self-worth, mental well-being and quality of life.

Life is all about perception.


How do YOU see yourself? Does that image make your day… or does it ruin it? It's easy to fall into the trap of wondering if we're pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, popular enough, etc. The list is endless. We're all naturally programmed to think negatively, but that can change.


When you develop an abundant mindset, you'll train your brain to believe you ARE enough . . . because you are. And once you know your worth, no one will be able to diminish it.


Positive manifestations, especially “I am enough,” are so close to our hearts because they embody everyone’s core insecurity—Am I enough?


How you talk to yourself determines how you feel about yourself and shapes the decisions you make. So why not use words that change your mindset for the better?


UPwords is all about bringing positive affirmations into your daily life so you're constantly reminded of your worth. We want you to have a cute, empowering affirmation everywhere you look. So, post your UPwords on your mirrors, stick them on your laptops and tumblers, wear them on your clothes, display them on your desk and on your couch or bed. 


We hope you fall in love with this concept as much as we have and embrace it. Happy shopping!

 sydney + shea

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onwards & UPwords!  let's get shopping!

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