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Meet Shea

philanthropist • foodie • entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Shea! I love spending my time with community, enjoying nature, and riding horses. I'm the girl my people come find when they want really good food and a lot of laughter. Also, I love traveling to fun new destinations and learning new things.


As someone who knows firsthand what it is like to grow up surrounded by technology, I have found tremendous value in creating a solid self-care routine and embracing the self-love journey. Which is why “I am enough” and the power of affirmations is so incredibly close to my heart. I love finding cozy AND cute apparel with a personal meaning behind it to remind me of my worth even on the hardest days. I believe how we speak to ourselves creates the reality we live in, so it's important to speak truth and positivity into our lives. Which is why we've created Upwords to make that positivity accessible to everyone. I hope you'll love our products as much as we do, and they make you feel confident in your own skin. :)



shea hinckley, cofounder of upwords
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