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You should look in the mirror every day and know you’re beautiful, loved, and doing amazing- No matter what you’re wearing, if you’re wearing makeup or not, if your hair is done, etc. You’re beautiful in every single way- sometimes you just need a little reminder.💜


Decals are optimal for water bottles, cups, mirrors, and other surfaces!


I AM LOVED Vinyl Decal. White 4.5"

1) Completely clean and dry the desired application surface.

2) Carefully peel the backing paper from the decal at a sharp angle.

3) Align the decal and press it onto the desired surface. Firmly run credit card across the transfer tape to make sure the decal adheres to the surface.

4) Wait 5 minutes.

5) Slowly peel the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the tape, run over that part of the decal with a credit card and try to peel the tape again. 



I Am Loved Postive Affirmations Decal

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