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Maybe you've decided you aren't smart enough, attractive enough, or accomplished enough. If you've thought those (or a myriad of other) things about yourself, consider this your reminder: you are already enough

We are bombarded with so many negative messages on a daily basis. Messages saying that we need to lose weight, have more money, be more popular in the right circles, or more accomplished in our careers in order to be happy or loved.

The affirmation of "already enough" was created to remind women (just like you!) how powerful, brave, capable, strong and talented they already are. You don't need to change your body or abilities to be more valuable. You deserve to take up space (as much as you need) and exist just as you are. In this moment in your life, you are already enough.


8”x10” print on Neenah Classic Crest Cover #100 paper (thick and beautiful!).

Each print is hand lettered by Rachel Tenny and designed to remind you of you worth and help you prioritize your well-being.

This print featuring the Already Enough mantra written by Rachel Tenny.

Already Enough Mantra Print

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