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Our best affirmations packed into a print that is the perfect size to frame and take with you to your office, bedroom, or anywhere you go!


Size: 5x7 print on Neenah Classic Crest Cover #100 paper (thick and beautiful!)


Who is this print for? This set was created for the person who is struggling with their mental health and may feel guilt and shame because of that. The person who doesn’t know how to ask for support or feels the stigma of their diagnosis. Today is the perfect day to break down some of those barriers and prioritize your well-being.


This print includes the following affirmations:

1. I have the ability to cope with my thoughts and feelings

2. I give myself permission to feel my feelings

3. I won't ignore my needs

4. I am not weak for asking for help

5. I am working towards healing

6. I will prioritize my well-being

7. I am not defined by my diagnosis

8. I am not broken or damaged

9. I am strong, even on the days I don't feel like it

10. I deserve to take care of myself

This print does not come framed

Affirmations for Mental Health 5x7 Print

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