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Affirmations work by changing your thought patterns. Have you ever heard it said that thoughts become words and words become actions ?  When you retrain your subconscious, you are able to attract different things into your life.


This set was created for the person who feels like their brain is running a million miles a minute. Who struggles to slow down and be in the present moment. Who feels paralyzed by their anxiety or like it somehow is a flaw.


These affirmations will help you calm your anxious thoughts and be present now.


This set includes the following affirmations:

1. My anxious thoughts aren’t facts

2. I am capable even in moments of high anxiety

3. I will take myself out of situations that trigger my anxiety

4. My anxiety isn’t a weakness or a character flaw

5. I will acknowledge my anxious thoughts instead of pushing them away

6. I can sit with my fear and anxiety without it taking over me

7. I am taking this day one moment at a time

8. I will practice moments of mindfulness

9. I will do my best to stay in the present moment

10. Peace starts within


Each set includes: -10 affirmations measuring 4"x4" each -a 3" acrylic stand to easily display your cards


Affirmations for Anxiety

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